Websites & Hosting

Tylerica Systems can rapidly implement web sites for a variety of business needs including on-line communities (free or subscription based), discussion groups/forums, e-Commerce, etc.  We do this by using WordPress, a widely used Content Management System.  The beauty of using a CMS is that all the work to implement web site function has been done.  Because all we need to do is the "systems integration" and look & feel "themes", we can offer very polished, unique looking web sites that meet clients' specific business needs at a fraction of the cost of full custom development.  And because the web sites we a create are CMS-based sites, Tylerica Systems clients can easily make content changes themselves (a restaurant updating the daily special, for nistance) without having to pay for every minor change.

In addition to developing web sites, Tylerica Systems also works closely with our top-tier internet partners to offer internet domain registration, hosting, email, and other related services.  This service goes hand-in-hand with web site development, but it can also be used by clients who already have a site and just want it rehosted, or by clients who will do their own web site development.  For more information on  hosting/hosted products and services available, please contact us directly.  We offer web design and hosting as a "boutique" service and will quote what makes sense for your needs.