Our Story

Every once in a while in the business world, you come across something that is so well thought-out, so well implemented, and so well “packaged for consumption” that it just “clicks”.  It makes sense to you and your business.  It resonates.  The Duct Tape Marketing system is one of those things.  As small business owners ourselves, we were implementing the principles of the Duct Tape Marketing system in our own business long before we decided to join the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.  But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.


Jeff Stec, Principal at Tylerica Systems, started his career in the high-tech industry working for AT&T Information Systems.  It may have been somewhat prophetic that the first real product Jeff was assigned to work on as a “fresh-out” Computer Engineer was a telephone system targeted toward small businesses.

Following AT&T, Jeff held various chip-design and team lead positions at IBM.  Through working on cutting edge technologies, Jeff became aware of the world of marketing and how to define and position products.  Even while fully employed by IBM, Jeff felt the pull of small business ownership, and he merged this with his love of aviation by running an aircraft leaseback business “on the side”.  Jeff also continued to develop speaking skills through appointments as Adjunct Instructor at both the University of Vermont and Champlain College in Burlington, VT. 

Jeff’s work at IBM led to his taking a position with Synopsys, Inc., a world leader in chip-design software for the semiconductor industry.  Jeff worked his way up the ranks from Application Engineer to Director of Applications Consulting, Central US.  At Synopsys, Jeff gained “outside the cube” experience working the Sales and Consulting Processes.  He also learned that true success in a B2B world requires putting customers’ success above all else.  As a mid-level manager, Jeff became very accustomed to managing through change.  He played key roles in the field force integrations following two major strategic acquisitions by Synopsys (Viewlogic in 1997 and Avant! in 2002).   He also made numerous contributions to the training curriculum for Application Consultants, including developing training classes on "Account Management for Application Consultants" and "Managing Complex Engagements".

Photo image of Jeff and Carol StecIn 2003, Jeff left the high-tech world and set his sights on owning and running his own business.  He and his wife Carol formed Scenewright Contracting, Inc, in 2005.  Scenewright’s main focus was the residential re-paint market.  Through more than 7 years in business, Jeff and Carol have learned many lessons and figured out how to overcome many challenges.  It is through this business that they were first introduced to Duct Tape Marketing. 

Tylerica Systems, LLC is Jeff and Carol’s vehicle for helping other small business owners overcome many of the same challenges relative to marketing and infrastructure that they had faced and overcome as small business owners.  “Tylerica” is a blending of their children’s names, Tyler and Erica, and using this in their company name reminds them of what is important, and also that many of their clients also have families they want to spend time with. 

In 2012, Jeff continued his journey down the Duct Tape Marketing path that started several years before when he read John Jantsch’s first book and shared with Carol how many great ideas John had put into the Duct Tape Marketing System.  Now, as an Authorized Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, and with Carol’s amazing support, as wife and partner, Jeff is blessed to be able to work with small business owners to help accelerate their growth and profitability.  He does this by collaborating with them to develop and install a 7-Step marketing system that is tailored for their specific business that clients can implement on their own or as a consulting project delivered by Tylerica Systems.