Our Philosophy

The over-arching philosophy that guides how we operate our business can be summed up in the following:

We will operate our business in a way that adds value to our clients so that they will choose to continue their business relationship with us and will happily refer us to family, friends, and business partners.  We will add value through our own experience as small business owners, through our use of a proven systems-oriented approach to marketing, by introducing clients to our strategic partners, by providing a “personal touch” in our client interactions, and by considering clients’ needs in everything we do.

Client “Bill of Rights”

  1. Every client is a person not an account.  We will keep this top-of-mind during all client interactions.
  2. Our clients’ time is just as valuable as our own.  We will be on-time for all appointments and phone calls.
  3. Our clients’ money is hard earned.  We will not waste it.
  4. The trust our clients place in us is taken seriously.  Client confidentiality will be maintained to the fullest extent possible (we will, however, comply with any legal requirements to disclose client information).
  5. Clients deserve access to us.  We will make ourselves available by phone or email with a commitment to respond by the next business day at the latest.  For some projects, we may implement a project management tool to facilitate interactions and to retain project history.
  6. Clients have the right not to be badgered for referrals.  We recognize that referrals from clients’ to their family, friends, and business contacts are something that must be earned.  We will work hard in everything we do to earn trust and demonstrate value such that our clients want to refer us.
  7. Every client has unique needs with regard to planning and implementation.  Every plan we develop will reflect this, and we will offer options for implementation when appropriate to do so.
  8. Questions from clients are part of the learning process.  We will address our clients’ questions to the best of our abilities.
  9. Clients’ circumstances may change from time to time.  We will never ask a client to pay for work that has not yet been started should they need to suspend or cancel their project.