Our Ideal Client

Our Ideal Client is a small business owner or independent professional who wants to accelerate the growth and profitability of his or her business, but who does not have the time or resources to do it alone.  Our Ideal Client recognizes that a systematic approach to Marketing is the foundation for reaching more of the number and types of desired customers.  Our Ideal Client is willing to commit the time and budget necessary to gain expertise and implementation efficiency, thereby freeing his or her time for other business activities, family, or personal interests.

How to Spot Our Ideal Client

While some potential clients may recognize the need for a marketing system to propel their business growth, very few will actually wake up in the morning and say “I need a Marketing System.”  Typically, this underlying need is verbalized in other forms, such as:

  1. I wish my advertising generated more leads.
  2. I wish I could attract the “right” clients.
  3. I wish my marketing efforts provided a better rate of return.
  4. Plenty of people know how to find me – I just need them to buy from me.
  5. I wish my website did more for me.
  6. I need to figure out how to be more intentional with my marketing.
  7. How do I get customers to refer me to others?
  8. How do I tap into this “Social Media” thing?
  9. I need Marketing that actually works.


We could go on but, well, you get the idea.  The point is, deep down many of our Ideal Clients have a feeling that something isn’t right with their Marketing, but they may be hard-pressed to put their finger on exactly what that something is.  They know there is more business to be gained, but they’re not sure how.  How do you begin to improve something when you don’t know where to start?

Our Ideal Client’s Business Profile

While there are no hard and fast requirements concerning the businesses with which we engage, our Ideal Client would typically have several of the following attributes:

  1. Service-based business
  2. Annual Revenues in the range of $500,000 to $20,000,000
  3. Total budget available for all Marketing efforts is at least 5% of revenues
  4. No dedicated Marketing staff
  5. Willing to make changes and try new things