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Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Services in Austin, TX

Every Door Direct Mail

Tylerica Systems is pleased to be able to offer Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) services.  EDDM is a service of the US Postal Service® that allows direct mail targetting of individual routes (typically 500 - 1,000 pieces) at a very affordable rate (currently 17.5 cents per piece).  See our pricing for EDDM services.

For clients in the greater Austin, TX area, we offer design & print, bundling, paperwork preparation, and drop-off at the Post Office.  Or, if you prefer to handle bundling, paperwork, and drop-off yourself, we can work with you on design & print and have the pieces drop-shipped to your door.

For clients outside of the Austin, we can still produce a great looking piece for you and drop-ship it to your door for you to take from there.  But unfortunateloy, we are unable to offer paperwork & drop-off services at this time.

EDDM is great way to target specific locales at a very reasonable cost, and with the reliability of the US Postal Service handling delivery.  Give us a call today to discuss how to put EDDM to work for you.